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Well hello there and welcome. For whatever reason fate brought us together today, you’re going to be glad it did... explore the questions below that I get most often when I say, "I sold everything to travel indefinitely!"


My name is Megan. I'm a country girl from Kansas, a friendly state located in the midwestern United States. One too many John Wayne westerns as a kid had me dreaming of Texas and I moved at the very wise age of 21.


Everything’s bigger in Texas. Right?


One day in the summer of 2018, after thirteen years of big city life, I looked down and noticed I was wearing the golden handcuffs of adulthood responsibility. The 9-5 grind that lures us all in with its promises of a steady paycheck, retirement plans, and health insurance. Once I realized I had no say in how my time was spent… I made a split second decision to never allow anyone to tell me when I could take a vacation ever again! 


I started a graphic design company with a laptop, a dream, and some wifi on August 1, 2018. 


If you haven’t already noticed a theme here, I don’t like limits. 


I don’t have it all planned out exactly but the gist of it is me driving around the country in my Chevy Equinox looking for warm weather a beautiful sunsets (with wifi of course).


How long will you be gone?

I want to enjoy each location without a time restraint to get to the next spot. No limits, remember? There’s adventure ahead and you can’t exactly put a time clock on adventure.



I left Fort Worth in January 2022. 


The loose plan for 2022 is exploring the east coast of the United States, also known as the Eastern Seaboard. (I'm learning new lingo already.) Depending on how that goes, I'll head west for 2023.



A better question is “Why not?” 


But if you still really need a reason, walk with me on a brief flashback.


Years ago during a time now long forgotten, when Zoom meetings were unheard of and working remotely was a no no, frowned upon by the lords of corporate business; I found myself chained to a cubicle working as part of a sales team I’d never actually met in person. My team worked remotely and were all primarily located on opposite coasts of the country plus one in England. There I was in a basement cubicle in Texas, connecting with them each day through phone and email. I didn't even know what these guys looked liked!


I remember thinking how silly it all was that I had to sit in an office every day and that my two week vacation each year was spent traveling back to Kansas to visit my immediate family. The work life balance didn’t add up. It was then that my idea for this adventure was born.


Moving forward to the present day, can we all agree the most positive thing to come from a pandemic is the expansion of how and where we work? Zoom has connected me to people all over the world! And now I'm on my way to meet them in person.


“You’re living my dream.”

Ok this one isn’t a question. My response to you is: “What’s stopping you from doing exactly the same thing?”


If you want to travel the world, figure out how to make it work for you and then go out and do it! Now before you say “well that’s easy for you to say'' let me offer you an insider's perspective to the kind of mental preparation all of this takes.


I really do believe that the greater challenge to living out the things you want to achieve in your life requires getting over the excuses you’re giving yourself, and overcoming the negative voice inside betraying you with panic about all the terrible ways things could go wrong. 


“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity...” 2 Timothy 1:7


I’ve come to know for myself that once you set your sights on the Lord and invite Him into your life and ask Him to help you, that He works some pretty amazing miracles! 


“...whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it, and you will.” Mark 11:24



​What’s with the name?

I have a strong appreciation for indoor plumbing, mattresses that don’t require air, and an outlet for my white noise machine. Can you say, #boujee?


Simply put, I don’t camp.


Do you have an RV?

Not a camper remember? I appreciate my fellow humans who long for the life of a nomad; a lifestyle well known to appeal to the inner rebel and the desire for unlimited freedom. But that’s where we part ways. 


Pulling an RV sounds about as fun as a papercut and I really only need a few suitcases of clothes and the basic essentials anyway.


As you follow my adventures, you’re going to learn more about the best vacation rentals, hotels, and even meet a few of the friends and family I’ll be crashing with along the way.


Won’t you get lonely?

Uhhh, hello! I’m documenting a pretty personal story to the world wide web here! I’m no stranger to a stranger... meeting new people is my jam. Plus I’ve got lots of different friends and family who will be flying out to meet me for a weekend here and there; and I haven’t even told you about my Storybrand network yet. This elite group of like minded marketing geniuses are my friends all over the world.


What is Storybrand?

It’s a 7 part marketing framework you can learn more about in the book by Donald Miller titled: Building A Storybrand. Or hire me and I’ll tell you all about it. 😉 Visit to read more about my marketing design biz.



All the writings in this blog are of my observations and current opinion. I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time. 😆 Historical data mentioned is paraphrased to the best of my memory and may not be fact checked for total accuracy. I’m a traveler not a journalist. 


All Bible quotes come from The Great Adventure Bible.

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