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33. Denver, Colorado

Dates: May 25-27, 2022

No more masks!

I flew from Raleigh to Denver to get back to Kansas. Walking in the airport without a mask felt like we're getting back to normal life again. It was nice to see people's faces!

Landing In Denver

Denver airport might be my favorite airport. The people are colorful. It’s called Colorful Colorado for a reason!

If you aren’t familiar with DIA (Denver International Airport), there’s a tram system that connects several terminals to baggage claim. It's big. Even baggage claim is huge. We’ll get to that in a minute. For the most part signage is pretty clear pointing traffic down stairs to the tram for "Baggage Claim and Transportation."

This Guy

I hop on the tram to overhear a guy saying he couldn’t figure out how to get out of the airport.

Guy: How do you get outta here?! I’ve had 4 beers and can’t figure it out!

He’d been drinking his way to the exit and apparently only asking for a beer instead of directions. Maybe he’s never flown before? I got a good laugh WITH him and pointed him to Ground Transportation when we arrived at the end of the tram line. I think he escaped.

Then There’s Me

And then I’m the idiot who sat for 45-min at the wrong door for my hotel shuttle. Face. Palm.

Note to self: Be wary of who you laugh at. You're next.

Advice from Strangers

To get to my family in Kansas I have to fly into Dodge City Regional Airport. The only way to get there is via Denver. One flight per day. Since I have a layout, I decided to spend two nights in Denver and see a business friend and catch up on work before I get home.

Why stop over night?

To get to my family in Kansas I have to fly into Dodge City Regional Airport. The only way to get here is via Denver. One flight per day. Since I have a layover, I decided to spend two nights in Denver to meet a business friend and catch up on work before I get home.

The Church

It’s a Thursday morning and there’s a church just a mile from my hotel with mass AND adoration. I can’t miss that! Lyft drops me in a business park and I see a sign on an office building for St Gianna Beretta Molla Catholic Church. The door is locked. Through the windows, I can see chairs, the alter, and tabernacle with a lit candle so I know it's for sure a Catholic church. But odd that it's in a business park. About then, a lady pulls in to unlock everything. I was just early.

Ria, the office manager, shares the church's story:

Five years ago the landscape was all country (this is Far East Denver). Now it’s building up like crazy. Their parish started in a school cafeteria then had to move to private homes when Covid hit. The parish was growing with their dream of a real church building. They're renting office space while they raise money for the new church building.

Journal reflections from the homily: When we stop thinking of heaven we settle for the things of this world. Heaven is not a new world far away. It's God's Kingdom breaking into THIS world. May Your Kingdom come! Your grief will become joy.

Recommended movie: I Prefer Heaven on the Formed app.

Meeting Fr. Jason:

My new face stuck out in a crowd of less than ten on this weekday morning. As I was leaving, Fr. Jason stopped to welcome me. He's a wonderful man! A younger priest, full of life. He knows almost everyone in the parish.

He said this new area of Denver has 50,000 people and no Christian churches. They started the first one!

It’s scary how we as a society keep pushing God out. We need Him more than any of us really knows!

Back to our convo… he showed me the architectural drawings of the new church building they're saving for: a classic gothic style church. My favorite! He welcomed me back anytime. Now I have to make a point to go every time I’m in Denver! If you want o help their building fund donate here.

Meet My Biz Friend

Michael Lands: a fractional chief marketing officer (fCMO if you want to be in on the lingo). That means companies contract him to strategize their marketing and sales efforts. He’s a smart dude and tech junky. Someone you want to talk to if you need help with technology!

Enthusiasm level: 8.

I'm filled up and headed home!

Here’s to always asking for directions in airports,

Megan “I ask for directions (most of the time)” Giles

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