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16. Marco Island, Florida

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

March 17-19, 2022

Marco Island made the list when I heard about Ten Thousand Islands and the Cape Romano Dome House.

Touring The Area

I took a boat tour via Eco Endeavors to see the attractions.

The islands are basically patches of mangrove trees off the coast. I don’t think any are inhabitable because the trees are so thick. You can Google pictures and see how breathtaking it is from the sky.

The one beach we stopped at during the tour:

The Dome House was built back in the 1980s and didn’t last long. Back then it was on land and there were a few other houses in the “neighborhood”. By the early 2000's, hurricanes eroded the sand so much the domes were standing in water. Now, it's an area for sightseeing.

Wildlife Fun Facts

Osprey mate for life. The mom sits at home with the babies while dad hunts for food. Before taking the catch of the day back to the nest he eats the fish brains to make sure it’s dead, dead. The baby birds are so tiny that a flopping fish may knock them out of the nest. Food that doesn't flop is important. What a good dad, right!

Marco Island

The place I rented was next to a cute row of shops and restaurants.

That Friday I went down to enjoy the band over a bite and brew. There wasn’t a bar so I grabbed a table for one. Since I'm by myself, I figured why not get something done on my blog. I’m really behind! So I pull out the laptop.

That’s when I made friends with Tammy and Jane who were curious why I was working on a Friday night. They quickly invited me to join them.

The band was great and a conga line formed toward the end. Of course I couldn’t resist and joined in the dancing!

Marco Island is a retirement community. And you know what the best part of being in a retirement community is? The party starts early AND ends early! Everything shut down by 8:30-9pm so I got good sleep. Ah, the little things.


Early mornings mean I have time to run! Another awesome thing about where retirees congregate: wide and even sidewalks. No worries of falling here.

I take pictures of red birds for Mom. She loves them. And they are everywhere down here!

The apartment I rented had a screened in patio so working outside was peaceful and bug-free!

Would I visit again?

Yes! It’s so relaxing.

Would I live here?

If I was 65, I’d buy in a heartbeat. It’s so clean. And people are friendly. Everyone and their dog (literally) said good morning when I was out and about.

Enthusiasm level: 9. I’m well rested and headed to actually see a friend next!!

Here’s to dancing with strangers,

Megan “Not A Wallflower” Giles

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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