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21. Flagler Beach, Florida

Dates: April 14, 2022

The Drive

I stopped at Rearview Coffee in Titusville, FL to work and have lunch. The most popular coffee on their menu is the iced rear view sunrise latte. It has lavender and coconut milk. Not normally things I go for. But when in Rome... It’s good! If you’re in the area it’s worth stopping at.

Always Ask Strangers…

Before I Rearview coffee in my rear view, I asked one of the barista‘s if taking A1A (highway) all the way up to St. Augustine was worth the drive. The interstate isn't exactly scenic and I'm not in a hurry. She wasn’t really sure, but another patron eating lunch chimed in that A1A is totally worth the extra time driving. I thanked her and went on my way.

As I was getting to my car, the lady flagged me down to give me recommendations on which route to take and restaurants in St. Augustine that I haven’t heard about yet.

I got in my car smiling.

Side story: I've been working with Dana Williams, a Clifton Strengths Coach, who's helping me understand my strengths and build my life around them. It's basically business therapy. The latest Ah-Ha Moment during a coaching call was that I need people in my life daily. And Zoom doesn't count. Genuine connection with another human in real life is important for my overall wellbeing.

I was smiling when I got in my car after talking to this lady I'll never see again. And that's when it hit me - what Dana had been coaching me to see: I need people. It sounds silly now, several months later as I type this. But it's also a good reminder for me when I start to get down on myself and in a negative headspace: just go talk to a stranger and you'll feel better. So simple. haha

Back to the drive:

The extra time taking the scenic route was totally worth it! I did end up driving through a lot of city of Daytona Beach and saw the giant sign: World's Most Famous Beach. I didn't stop for the photo opp.

Being in all these beach towns, you'd think there'd be an abundance of surfers. There isn't. And that's all I want to see. I have no desire to do it. I just want to watch.

Flagler Beach is my next stop off A1A. It's right on the water. And there's surfers! AND a rooftop patio I can watch from!

Tortugas rooftop patio is the perfect perch to watch the surfers, have another snack and check email. The bacon wrapped plantains are worth stopping for, BTW.

Chasing That Feeling

Watching the surfers got me comparing what they’re doing to entrepreneurship. There're lots of ups and downs as a biz owner and I hear the phrases "just ride the wave" or "waves of emotion" or "feeling overcome with waves". So I’m looking out watching the surfers as they paddle, paddle, paddle to get out far enough to find a wave. They ride it for two seconds and then crash. Then they paddle out do it all over again.

Sometimes they ride a wave a little longer. Sometimes they crash immediately. So I wonder: what’s the point of all this? Are they trying to ride a wave until they get to shore? Or are they trying to do something else? What’s the ideal dismount look like? Is crashing the only way to get off of the board?

While I'm contemplating this very deep analysis of surfing and business, I noticed right next to me was an old white van with a surfer dude getting ready to hit the beach. And I literally mean surfer dude. He embraced the stereotype. Homeboy had bleach streaks in his hair from being in the sun so much and a super tan that made my pale self a little jealous. In the spirit of talking to strangers - because that’s what I’m doing today - I asked him what the point of surfing was.

As he talked, I came to realize the point is chasing that feeling. Ride the wave as far as you can. And then do it again. And again. And again. As you get better, you try to do tricks. And then do it again. And again. And again.

There's really no ultimate goal post or finish line. It's just chasing the feeling of riding the wave.

So how does this tie in with my entrepreneurial journey? Ride those highs when I’m feeling super successful. And when I crash, just hold my breath until I surface again then get out there and try to catch the next wave.

Would I live here?

Too soon to tell.

Would I visit again?

Totally, bro!

Here’s to riding the waves,

Megan “Business Surfer” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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