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24. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Dates: April 29-May 1, 2022

Back in the day (first half of 20th century - that’d be the 1900s), Jekyll Island was the summer club of the uber rich from New York. During WWII, one sixth of the world’s wealth lived on this small island. The Germans were patrolling the east coast so the government “kindly asked the wealthy inhabitants to leave” for their safety and the safety of America. Depending on who you talk to, the land was basically stolen from them or they left amicably. Either way, the government did buy the land and from what I’m told still owns the island. Anyone with a house there, rents the lands their home is on. Interesting.

My Usual: Finding Wifi

It's early Friday afternoon and too early to check-in to a hotel. I found a bay side restaurant, Zachry's Riverhouse (No Reservations), with a patio and view of the harbor to check email and grab a bite. This corner of the island has some new townhomes going in. Could be potential for a vacation home...

Sunrise at Driftwood Beach

This was the draw for me coming to Jekyll. This famous boneyard beach is featured in too many magazines and blogs to count. You can add one more to the blog if anyone is counting.

It's fascinating how a bunch of dead trees can be so magical!

My island tour continued across the road from Driftwood Beach to Horton Pond. It was dug out in the 1970s for building projects. Rainwater filled in to create a home to a host of wildlife like turtles, alligators, snakes and birds.

Horton Pond is named after the first English settler, Major William Horton. He built the first tabby house in the 1700's and it's still standing!

Tim at Faith Chapel

Faith Chapel was built for the Jekyll Island Club members. It does still have services and serves as a historical landmark. Tim, the docent, is a great story teller. I spent an hour and a half in the chapel chatting with him about history and architecture. His wife is a graphic designer too so we had a lot in common. He is one of those people that you can hang out with all day and there’s never a dull awkward silence.

Tim forgive me if I don’t tell the story behind the stained glass window 100% correctly. I'm going from memory! Tim, if you’re reading this feel free to correct me in the comments below.

This stained glass window depicts the entire life of Jesus. It has the traditional Renaissance styling of the halos around Mary's and Jesus‘s heads indicating deity. The first magi is the traditional, traveling wiseman in his traditional garb from the time. He is giving Jesus frankincense which was a sign of adoration to God.

The second figure is a Roman soldier giving baby Jesus gold. This is significant because first Roman soldiers back in those times were only allowed to kneel to Cesar and here he is kneeling to Jesus the King of kings. Plus only royalty would have received gifts of gold.

The last figure is very dark and gloomy holding a crown of thorns and myrrh which was used for embalming. This figure symbolizes death. He is bowed completely down in reverence and submission. Jesus overcame death.

In the background, above Jesus, hang carpenter's tools which gives a nod towards His humanity as well.

Hunting for Shark Teeth

I heard there were a bunch of shark teeth on a beach at the south end of the island and made the mistake of telling my six year old nephew. Turns out Aunt Megan does not have the patience for a hunting shark teeth.

Later in the day, a local told me that "shark tooth beach" is kind of a joke because that beach was only created after they dredged up some channels to make room for bigger boats. There are more shark teeth there because it’s sand from the bottom of the ocean in the area.

4-H Camp Grounds

The 4-H buildings I grew up with were nothing like this! Several rows of bunk houses were on the other side.

Date night. By myself. Again.

Trying this out based on my kayak guide's suggestion. It’s the route he and his wife take in date nights.

  • A drink at Jekyll Club Hotel

  • Dinner at The Warf

  • Sunset dolphin cruise

Sounds romantic.

A drink at Jekyll Club Hotel.

Sitting on the porch of Jekyll Club with my wine I’m a bit fidgety. What do I do? I dream. Take a sip. I journal. Take a sip. I text. Put the phone down. Two minutes later, I need to Google something. I should text Abby. She’d like this.

I dream of all the historic figures who walked this porch. What were their conversations like dreaming up the next big thing that would change America? Was it just a bunch of good ol' boys sipping on bourbon and brandy? Or were the women folk encouraging one another to dream big, too?

Dinner at the Warf.

The people I met at the bar said it wasn't worth it so I skipped that part.

Sunset dolphin cruise.

If you want to see dolphins, go on a sunset cruise. That's when they're most active.

Sunrise is an event.

Add to bucket list: stay at Jekyll Club Resort.

  • Front side Annex Building has an enclosed porch.

  • Go on an historic tour with Sherrie (the Club's historian) during week

  • Low season January or July/August

Would I visit again?

100%. What a interesting place!

Would I live here?

At the time yes, but now I'm wondering how long it would take before island fever set in.

Enthusiasm level: 9. This was a really cool stop!

Here’s to being in The Club,

Megan “Members Only” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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1 Comment

Tim Maki
Tim Maki
Aug 18, 2022

Wow! Great memory! Your summary of the Faith Chapel window from memory was remarkably accurate! One small correction: 1/6 of the world’s wealth was represented in the Jekyll Island Club membership during the Gilded Age, not the WWII era.

Thank you for the shout out. I enjoy living vicariously through your blog. Wishing you continued safe travels and adventures.

Until next time, Tim

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