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29. Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Dates: May 15-19, 2022

The Drive

This feels like a sign. I'm listening to this...

And following this...

Work AND Play. It can be done!

Beach Bound

Crossing the state line again takes me back to the beach to see another Storybrand friend, Tara Lindstrom. We've been working together for over a year and finally meeting in real life!

Tara runs One Bite Marketing, a full service marketing agency for restaurants. This is one my favorite logos I've designed.

Her and her husband also have this awesome rental property on the beach and are kind enough to invite me. I get to stay at their main residence tucked into the North Carolina trees next week.

The house is on Airbnb. Wifi is excellent!

Lunar Eclipse

Our first night at her beach house, she cooked dinner which we enjoyed from the patio overlooking the beach. Then had to stay up for the lunar eclipse!

Megan Doesn't Bike

Or does she?

The best way to see the island is on a bike. I'm not a fan of bikes. They're dangerous. When I was a kid, I lost control going down a hill (yes, there're hills in Kansas) and crashed. I'm sure it was just a scrapped up knee, but it was enough for me to realize biking is not my thing.

But when in Rome...

Tara fixed me up with a beach cruiser and I survived. She promised there would be a beer for me at the end of the road. I'll risk scrapped up knees for a good beer with a view.

Emerald Isle: Part 2

Tara has two kids and a husband so a few nights away is long enough for now. I foresee some girls trips once her kids are grown though.

My cousin Natalie flew in from Denver next to help add to the story.

Up to this point, Tara had been the one unlocking the door. She gave me the code but I hadn't used it. Natalie and I went out for the evening and ordered a Lyft ride. We rush out the door when he pulled up. As I shut the door, I realize I my phone is inside. It also has my ID and credit cards in the case. Oh, AND the door code...

I guess tonight is on Natalie!

We venture out and discuss ways to figure out how we're going to get back in. Natalie thinks she left her bedroom door unlocked. It's on the second floor. Maybe she can scale the deck to get up there?

Our driver was a nice young man from the nearby Airforce base. I say young because we're both 38 and he was barely 21. He overheard our dilemma on getting back in and must have been concerned because he turned off the Lyft app to pick up more rides and hung out the rest of the night!

I try logging into my email from Natalie's phone. But who remembers passwords?! Failed attempt. Next option: email someone.

Remember Lynn from last week? She also has a virtual assistant service called Systems to Scale which I'm part of. She also has the only email address I can recall (who memorizes phone numbers anymore). And since I know she's never far from her inbox, I can most likely get ahold of her. I email her from Natalie's work email to see if she can contact her VA to contact my VA to get into my email and get the door code. Thankfully that worked!

But... we get back to the house and the keypad battery is dead! So scaling the deck it is. I'm glad Natalie has good upper body strength and doesn't think to lock doors.

The next morning is beautiful!

I had coffee with the sunrise while reading the Bible. Then we ran on the beach.

Would I visit again?

Oh yes! But only if I'm meeting people.

Would I live here?

I don't think I could live her full time. I think I like the inner coastal better than full on ocean beaches.

Enthusiasm level: 8

What shenanigans will we get into next?! Natalie is with me for the next few stops.

Here's to staying out of trouble,

Megan "Doesn't Bike" Giles

Placeholder for when I think of something fun for a graphic tee.


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What a wonderful spot! And hey, Tara! (That little climb up looks sketchy!!!)

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