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34. Home, Kansas

Dates: May 27 - June 3, 2022

My shuttle from the airport was a little late so I didn’t tip.

(That's my sister, Molly, and her son Giles.)

They did take me out for a burger and shake so I wasn't too upset. Yes, it's that windy in Kansas. There's no controlling my hair!

Base Camp

I've been thinking more about having a home base. A base camp, if you will. Kansas makes the most sense because my family isn't going anywhere. And it's home. I searched town for potential candidates, but the housing market is slim pickin's in small town America. Needless to say I was pretty distraught that the perfect house didn't present itself.

Trucker Talk

Breaker breaker 1-9, who's riding shotgun? My bro-in-law, CJ, was hauling cattle in his fancy new semi truck. It's as loud as it looks! I set up my office in the front seat and worked on projects that don't require Wi-Fi.

He even taught me to drive it. I made it up to a whopping 15 mph on the straightaway!

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....

(That's a song from White Christmas. It's quite popular in my family.) We had a kid-free sisters night out which is a rarity. Shopping, dinner, drinks and a health talk from a local Young Living oils rep. It was a wild time.

More of My Favorite People

With 8 nieces and nephews, there's never a dull moment. They found a "rare dinosaur bone" in the sand pile. They used old toothbrushes to preserve the delicate details of such an artifact.

My family has a slight sugar addiction. Chocolate chip cookies are the go-to recipe.

I enjoyed an beautiful evening on my sister Jenny's front porch with her husband, Shane. And then...

... their oldest son Peyton let me take a picture with him! Shh don't tell.

The Best View

This is my favorite view from the top of the hill above my parent's house. Of course a picture doesn't do it justice. It's exciting to see it so green! And oh, you should see it when a rain storm is coming up the draw. It looks like a curtain inching it's way closer and closer hiding the hills behind it.

Would I visit again?

I’m thinking about it. (haha)

Would I live here?

Well I did checkout houses and lots. It’s close to all my favorite people so there’s that.

Enthusiasm level: 7.

I'm disappointed by the lack of housing options. Praying the right one will come along.

Here’s to my favorite people,

Megan “Not in Kansas Anymore” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.


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