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37. Gurnee, Illinois & 38. Door Co., Wisconsin

Dates: June 17-25, 2022

I flew north for a week to visit my friend Julie. The same one you met when I was in Florida. We're both fans of charcuterie and wine so that was a win!

She took me to a local farmers' market. Tip for shopping at those... don't buy the first produce you see. Browse the entire market THEN pick out what you want. We paid double for radishes by being too hasty!

An Excursion Within An Excursion

We drove up to Door Co., Wisconsin for a few days. It's a charming place where you step back in time.

A Traditional Nordic Fish Boil

The Old Post Office in Ephraim, WI puts on a show every night complete with fire. The head cook gives a presentation out back and wows the crowds with flames. Then we all shuffle to our seats and are presented with this traditional fare. The key to eating fish is drowning it in melted butter. While Door Co. is known for their cherries, this cherry pie didn't live up to my expectations. You see, my Aunt Trudy makes the BEST pie crust this side of the Mississippi. Mass produced crust just doesn't cut it for me no matter how good the cherries may be.

Ferry over to Washington Island

Overall the island wasn’t my favorite. It had some interesting scenery pictured here. But the people. Whoa boy! Not friendly at all and customer service is not a priority. On the flip side there was this beach with smooth white rocks like nothing I’ve ever seen. The water was way too cold for me although some families were out splashing around. We finally found a good spot to hangout near the water on the northside of the island.

The Drive

Heading back to Julie's house in Illinois we stopped at an antique store where I made friends with this shy guy.

And then in Sheboygan we had to put out a fire. Seriously. We stopped for gas. I head inside while Julie is at the pump. I smell smoke across the parking lot. Another patron and I check out the side of the building and see flames. There was an employee about 10 feet away on her break.

Me: there's a fire! Where's a hose?

Her: we don't have one.

Me: what should we do?!

Her: oh it's just a cigarette someone hasn't put out.

Me: Ummm no ma'am. There are flames!

She couldn't be bothered with such things. And remember we're at a GAS station. Last I checked it's still flammable.

I run inside and tell the clerk. Still no hose, so we fill up buckets, trashcans, pitchers, cups. Literally anything we could and carry it outside to the scene. Luckily, it was put out as fast as it started. And that lady on break? She didn't budge an inch with people running past her carrying water.

What in the world has happened to people?! I don't want this to be a blog where all I do is complain about what's wrong with people. In this case, she needs to be called out. I'd like to think not ALL of the world is like this. Just select negligent people who stand out for being extra dumb. PSA: Don't be her.

A Spa Day

We took Friday off and went to a real spa with all the sauna rooms and what-not. My first stop? Connect to Wi-Fi in the quiet room so I can send off some emails. Some things never change.

We did manage to relax a little though!

Wisconsin Landscape

The barns are huge! Like unreal huge. Maybe four stories tall and built into the side of a hill with a walkout on one side. I was too much in awe to get a photo.

The Church

National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe at Marytown is a beautiful pilgrimage site in Libertyville, Illinois. The chapel is stunning.

Here’s to putting out fires,

Megan “Not A Firefighter” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.


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