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41. Savannah, Georgia

Dates: July 17-23, 2022

Remember that business retreat from Pensacola at the beginning of the year? We did another one! This time in Savannah, Georgia. Many of the same faces and a few new ones. We rented a condo downtown and worked out all of our problems. Err... something like that. It was a productive week!

Wise Words

Elaine and I do a lot of work together. (She's The Cookbook Creative friend.) I'm grateful for our morning walks on the historic streets and river walk Some wise words from her that really struck me: "Loving one another means we can disagree. When we respect and trust the other person, they aren’t a threat when we disagree. Conversations can lead to understanding instead of division."

Ponder that on your next morning walk.

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

The Forest Gump bench isn't there anymore so we recreated what we could!


This is my second visit to The Prohibition Museum. And I'm looking forward to the next time already. I learn something new with each visit - like how alcohol was being prescribed by doctors to get around the ban. Sound familiar? History seems to repeat itself in one form or another!

The Food

Husk Restaurant. First off it's in an old house that still has all the charm of when it was built. High ceilings. Details in every inch. Then the food was divine. My favorite were the scallops (pictured with a cornbread stuffed zucchini) and smoky black pepper biscuits from a woodfired oven. Yum!

Words from the dinner conversation:

In talking about the struggles we run into a creatives: Maybe we don't want to finish the project because it means it’s over.

Why do drugs when you can do biscuits? —Dana Casto

Yes, the biscuits were that good. We asked about the recipe. Secret ingredient? White Lily flour. Elaine said she'll start experimenting to recreate it!

The Church

Walking into this holy place takes your breath away. Churches were built with such grandeur to teach the faith and give us a tiny glimpse of the glory of heaven.

After hosting a house full this week, I'm spent. While I enjoy the time with my business friends, it's just a lot of coordinating and being "on." I'm worn out. Sitting in the cathedral, a sense of peace washes over me. Reminder: my only job is to love others. That's it.

Boutique Shopping Again

I passed this boutique several times all week and really liked this dress so when I passed it for the last time, I dropped in to see if it fits. It does!

Side note: I thought I was doing the local boutique shopping thing at The Copper Penny but then saw the SAME store in Greenville, SC the next week. It hires local people so I guess it counts as shopping local right?

Being fancy is hard.

I knew I’d need to recharge after a big week of living with brilliant minds who breed big conversations. I booked the Westin for its spa. Thursday afternoon I head to the spa for the sauna and steam rooms.

They’re broken.

Well... shoot. A nap in the room will have to do.

On Friday, I had a massage scheduled in the same spa. It was relaxing. Then I struck up a conversation in the relaxation room with this lovely lady. I feel terrible that I didn't write her name down! It was her 70th birthday. She was celebrating with her daughter and a few others. We had a wonderful talk about the Lord and how we relate to one another.

I've been off email most of the week so after a spa morning, I fire up my laptop to catch up on actual work. Wifi works well poolside with a river front view.

Downtown is across the river from the Westin. There's a ferry to get across. I'm wishing now I'd have taken it over for dinner that night but I'm by myself again and still pretty tired so I call it an early night.

Benefit of going to bed early? You can always catch the sunrise!

Would I visit again?

Yes! But only with friends. I want to experience the history instead of being so work focused.

Would I live here?

Doubtful. I'm not sure I could handle living in such an historic place. Would it take away from how special it is if I was there all the time?

Enthusiasm level: drained but happy.

Here’s to turning it off,

Megan “Not Good At Relaxing” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design. Someday. Maybe.

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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