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45. Texas & 46. Pickens

I can't stay grounded for too long. The travel bug is still alive and well!


In late January, I headed south (to find warmer weather) and meet up with an amazing group of business women for a weekend retreat. Lots of goal setting, cooking and wine. We even got a private tour of Blue Bell Icecream factory!

Recognize these ladies? They are the same biz friends I ran around with last year!

The retreat was followed by a few days in Houston for some IRL sales calls.

On the way back north, I met up with a new friend from sales coaching: Sasha Crabtrey. She owns Remove COO, a company dedicates to supporting other businesses grow.


I went back to Kansas long enough to catch a basketball game before flying east.

Pickens, SC (yep, again)

You might call this my second home by now.

My photos indicate I might miss Annie (the dog) more than anyone else. 😂 I don't think Allie will be offended.

Pickens Updates

  • The water tower is still up! And it's still rumored to be coming down soon. 😕

  • Coyote Coffee moved to their new location down the street so they now have a drive through.

  • I ate a wood ear mushroom straight off the log! It was... rubbery.

Next up: I'm headed south!


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You are so beautiful inside and out! Keep doing your thing!!

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