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Finding Base Camp

August-October 2022

Time to set up camp (so to speak). The housing market in Ashland, Kansas is not as vibrant as the big city. Word of mouth reveals more options than calling up your local Realtor.

The first two weeks back I was nervous about finding the right place. I wanted a house big enough I could rent out part of it. I'm good with renovating, too. Making a house my own has been a back burner dream for years!

Does such a place exist here?

Ask and you shall receive. By God's perfect timing I was out with my sister's family for dinner on a Thursday evening. We just happen to meet a homeowner who wasn't actively looking to sell, but wanted to downsize eventually.

I toured the house on Sunday and we had a contract signed the following week and closed by the beginning of October.

May I please introduce you to my very own Base Camp!

Follow me on the tour and let your imagination take over.

These front rooms would make a great short term rental.

Do you see these hardwood floors?! That's what's under all the white carpet.

Take out the wall in the kitchen and reconfigure the cabinets. Paint them (and the yellow walls) to brighten it up?

Does the sink stay or go? My 6yo nephew exclaimed, "Mom! You gotta see the coolest red sink!!" when he first toured the house. How could I part with it now?

The backyard comes with an enclosed patio (yay!), an old storage shed, and a greenhouse. I guess I now need to learn how to garden?

The upstairs basement: lovingly named by my 4yo niece. The kids quickly figured out steep stairs make a great indoor slide. I'll add that to my list of things to change...

Check out the vintage shag carpet. Keep or replace? 🤣

The original back patio has been enclosed at some point to be a bonus room (that will be my new bathroom) and laundry. There's still a slope in the floor (structurally sound) and most likely original hardwoods under the carpet!

More to come as the remodel unfolds!

Here's to God's perfect timing,

Megan "Not On The Road" Giles


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