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December 2022 - January 2023

Disclaimer: This is not a how-to-remodel-a-house blog. I do not actually know what I'm doing. Do not attempt to recreate at home.

I'm moved in! And while this rental space is not exactly how I want it yet, it's my own space so I'm rolling with it. If I can live out of my car with only 3 suitcases for the better part of a year, living here will be a walk in the park.

And now that I'm in the house full time I can demo whenever I want... like between Zoom calls!

Uncovering The Original Hardwood Floors

I've become proficient with a crowbar. It's a great alternative to looking at a screen.

Any ideas why they'd put newspaper on the floor? I couldn't find a date, but this add for War Bonds would be 1940's right?

First Girls' Night

Lots of fun can be had in small spaces. My nieces proved just how much stuff can actually fit into the rental space I'm in now.

Another small town bump in the road... New Years Day every restaurant (both of them) is closed. My pizza and ice cream plan turned into a quick grocery store trip with hungry girls. Shhh, don't tell their moms!

Girls' night isn't complete without an art project.

Note to self: never allow a 4 year old to draw on your walls even if it's the wall that will be coming down soon.

Assa, the 4yo, has asked when she can come over again so she can draw on my walls. Face. Palm.


How many different types of carpet can one house have? Let's count them shall we!

We're up to 6. So far...

What's behind panel number 7?

I've been hoping to find a stash of cash hidden in the walls. No such luck.

In the back room that used to be a porch came a discovery that put a smile on my face: original beadboard!

Sometimes this house feels small. There aren't that many rooms. Then I work on a room and it feels ginormous and never ending! I can see the finished product in my mind and exciting to unveil it one board at a time.

More to come after a month long trip in late January and early February...

Until next time,

Megan "Beadboard Fan" Giles


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