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Next Stop: Kansas

Being with friends and family the past two month has been so refreshing and filled me up. It sounds cliché but I see now how important it is to be around people who love you.


Traveling alone is lonely. Its been fun seeing so many different places but a blog can’t capture all the memories I have from each stop. And not every memory is shareable to it’s full extent.

I haven’t lost the travel bug completely. I’m just going to be more strategic about going when someone can go with me. And so the next plan… I’m heading back to Kansas at the end of summer to look for a house to set up base camp. I have a vision of my nieces and nephews coming over after school. I pull out a fresh batch of cookies from the oven when the first one walks in the door. Then we have a dance party and play games sending them home before the sugar high really kicks in.

And on a super weird note I miss carpet. Hard floors aren’t fun to workout on (yeah that’s my excuse for not working out very often 🤣). Carpet adds a warmth to the room that just says “you’re home.”

I’ll still be traveling a lot. It just won’t be continuous. Next year I’m planning out the west coast based on who can meet up with me on the way.


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