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17. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dates: March 19-28, 2022

Finally, I’m with a friend! Kathy Ames’ family and mine go way back. What’s ironic is I’d never met her. I’ve stayed with her brother and sister-in-law in California several times. So I assumed she’d be just as cool. And boy was she. We had the best time!

Although she’s retired, she stays busy traveling. She had lots of good travel tips for me.

I worked from her screened in porch most days. A few afternoons I’d take off and she’d show me the sights.

Fort Lauderdale has a ton of canals, so water taxis are essential. It feels like another country.

Home cooked dinners. Dining on the patio. An adult beverage with a friend. My heart is happy!

Beware of Falling Iguanas

The lizards get bigger the farther south I go. In Fort Lauderdale, iguanas are like squirrels. They are everywhere. And giant! And like squirrels, some have a death wish. I saw one run to the middle of a busy street, stop and back track just in time to get demolished by a tire. It was gruesome.

They live up in the trees and when the temp drops in winter, these little guys will freeze up and fall out dropping to the ground! The local news will report falling iguana warnings just like we get tornado warnings in Kansas.

Meet My Biz Friends

While in town I was able to meet up with another marketing friend, Samara Minichiello. She's a Strategy Coach.

And Julie Stroud (Brand Archetype Expert) and Nancy Anderson (Interior Designer).

The three of us put out a package offer this year called Total Business Makeover. With our specialized skill sets, we can rebrand a brick and mortar business (yes, those are still a thing) from marketing to the office interior. Checkout our website here:

Would I visit again?

I’ll be back in a week!

Would I live here?

Nope. Way too many people and the traffic is terrible. I can feel a different vibe with the people compared to the Gulf side. I'm told it's because of the interstates. This side brings down the New Englanders on I-95. They bring their driving habits. The Gulf side has I-75 for the mid-western folks.

Enthusiasm level: 9. My heart is happy to be with people I know and love.

Here’s to feeling at home,

Megan “Turns Friends Into Family” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design. Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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