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18. Ashland, Kansas

Dates: March 28-April 4, 2022

It's time to go home for a spell. I grew up in Kansas. Not Kansas City. The real part of Kansas. The country. Like the place where you drive for miles and miles on a dirt road and don't see another soul. THAT part of Kansas.

My parents, sisters, and all the kids are back home on the family cattle ranch. I still call it home even though I moved away when I was 21.

The Flight Plan

The only way to fly home is first to Denver then into Dodge City (this is where the phrase "Get The Hell Outta Dodge" came from). This is the flight path with the nose of the plane very close to where I'm headed.

My Aunt Trudy lives on the the ranch in Kansas and likes to travel as much as I do. We ran into each other on the flight from Denver into Dodge.

The guy behind us doesn't look happy about our reunion. He probably knows we'll be talking during the whole flight.

Welcome to Dodge City, Kansas - the windiest city. If you've never flown into a small airport it is much different from the giant terminals you're used to. The crew wheel mobile stairs over to the plane door for us to climb down. Kind of like the President on Air Force One. Yes, we are that important.

I miss the sunsets here. This was from my first night back.


Friends used to think I must relax so much when I go home because I'm in the country away from the busyness of the city.

I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews ranging in ages from 2-15. Rest is what I do when I get back to the city. 🤣

It's rare that I get one-on-one time with any of them. I did get an afternoon with Ethan! We played a trivia game about the US.

I wasn't great about taking pics during the trip. The kids took me on a hike one afternoon. Back in April it was still pretty dry. Pray for rain!

Happy kids have devices.*

Best babysitter ever! I'm not sure what work-from-home parents are complaining about. The kids would come down to my room every morning and I still got a ton of work done.

*Mostly kidding. I know screen time is rotting their brains, but when ya gotta work, ya gotta work.

The Sunsets

I have yet to see a sunset that can compare to Kansas or west Texas. I'm told the dust particles in the air is what makes all the pretty colors.

Would I visit again?

Silly question. I don’t think I have the option not to!

Would I live here?

When I left at 21 I swore I’d never move back.

Enthusiasm level: 9. I got all the hugs!

Here’s to family time,

Megan “Not in Kansas Anymore” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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1 Comment

Julie Stroud
Julie Stroud
Jul 13, 2022

I literally always wondered about “get the hell out of Dodge” and now I don’t have to. Thanks for settling that! ; )

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