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26. Tybee Island, Georgia

Dates: May 1-8, 2022

Day 100 on the road!

It's still Sunday and I just drove in from Jekyll to Darien to Tybee. I’m tired.

I rolled into town before check-in time and looked for the best place to take a nap before my friend gets there.

Enter: The Salt Spa.

It was so relaxing I went 3x that week PLUS got a facial. The salt room is pumped full of salty air that has healing powers errrr something like that. Yes, I see the irony that I'm on an ocean front beach and paying to sit in salty air.

All I know is that I napped. Hard. Which is important because I get to hangout with my good friend Allie Winter all week!

Tybee is Allie's favorite place. She’s been gushing about it for years and wouldn’t take me unless I read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. One of the best reads! It takes place on Tybee way before it was developed. I’d recommend the book to anyone. It’s a mystery novel. The movie is out, but of course the book is better.

Allie brought the newest addition to her household: Annie, a 4 month old blue heeler. She LOVED the sand once we got over to Little Tybee Island.

Sunrise Kayaking

Not many people I know would be willing to get up before dawn to watch the sunrise from a kayak. And this is just one of the many reasons I love Allie. We had kayaks on the water by 6am! Well worth it, too. We saw a bonnet head shark, starfish, and crabs. And and then the gnats found us so we hustled back to shore to start the day.

One plus of traveling with other business owners is that no one gets offended when we have to take a call or check email. Allie is a Realtor on Lake Keowee, South Carolina so you can imagine she’s really never off duty.

Then Kevin came down! Remember Kevin the coin guy from this post? He’s Allie’s neighbor back in South Carolina. We had a great time bee boppin’ (does anyone say that anymore?) around town. Golf carts are the main form of transportation on Tybee Island.

Allie likes reading by the pool. I haven’t gotten onboard with this trend yet. Too much work to do. Never one to miss out though, I took my laptop and enjoyed the new workspace.

This Guy

Austin (random guy photo bombing me) wanted to join our afternoon shenanigans seeing Tybee. This was the debut of my new swimsuit I got in Ft Lauderdale. My motto: Coverage is key and modest is hottest.🙃

Little Tybee Island

The main Tybee Island is where the town is. Little Tybee Island is not inhabited but actually bigger than the main Tybee Island.

We chartered a boat to take us around the marshes and over to Little Tybee to walk around. So much to see!

This restaurant sits on the marshy side of Tybee. Most of the seating is outside overlooking the water. A giant crab boil is served family style with a trashcan in the middle of the table for shells. There's an alligator viewing pond and exotic bird room, too!

Home Cookin'

We cooked most evenings, listening to music with the occasional kitchen dance party to Ringling Road. When staying in a short-term rental, one has to get creative with the cookware. This house wasn't equipped with steak knives, so we made the most with the knives we could fine.

Would I visit again?

For sure! We had a great time. The marshes are a very special type of scenery.

Would I live here?

Nope. It’s too commercialized and has gotten pretty touristy.

Enthusiasm level: 9

I’m happy to be with my people! It gets lonely doing this sojourning thing.

Here’s to staying covered and letting loose,

Megan “Modest is Hottest” Giles

Placeholder for a fun shirt design to commemorate the trip.

Unedited by another. Typos are on the house.


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I've read Where the Crawdads Sing and loved every word! So cool you got to see Tybee IRL!

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