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27. Beaufort, South Carolina

Dates: May 8-10, 2022

Pronounced: BEW-fert. This is important. There's a Beaufort, North Carolina pronounced BOW-fert. #thingsyouneedtoknow

This small town is tucked into an inlet on South Carolina's inner coastal waterways. History is dripping from the Spanish moss covered live oaks! It's the kind of place you see on magazine covers.

Exploring Downtown

My mom loves ice cream so when I found a real soda fountain in an old arcade (that's a breezeway with shops, not the video arcade), I had to stop.

Downtown sits on the waterfront with a picturesque park. My first evening here, this area was covered with people. It looked like a festival had just ended. The restaurant patios were full and families were playing ball on the grass. Somewhere had live music, but I was too tired to find it.

This is one place I failed to take good notes on. I took a golf cart tour of the town on a Monday afternoon. I hadn't scheduled my week very well and felt guilty for not working a few hours to see the town. I ended up working into the night instead. I'll figure this balance out one day. I hope.

The Church

It was a Tuesday morning on my way out to town. I found a church across the bridge with adoration and mass! St Peter's Catholic Church. It was fairly big. The front doors were locked still and I walked the building looking for the entrance to the adoration chapel. A sweet lady stuck her head out of her car door and gave me directions to get in. After mass, she introduced herself. Dolores (which is my grandma's name) said she hopes to see me again. Now I have to go back!

Journal reflection from adoration: my happiness comes and goes based on how rested I am.

Journal reflection from mass: "The sheep that belong to Me listen to My voice." All I need to do is follow His lead and He will do the rest. REST!

So simple. Yet so hard to follow through with!

Meet My Business Friend

I stopped for lunch to meet Todd Allen. We've been working together since last fall and finally meeting in person! Todd is a money guy helping people with retirement and leaving a legacy for their future-self and future generations. You can learn more about his work here. I design most of his branding and print marketing.

Would I visit again?

This is a must for at least a month long stay to really get a feel for the place.

Would I live here?

Solid maybe.

Enthusiasm level: 7

I’m tired. This road warrior life is getting to me. I love seeing all these new places, but need to start planning for down time to rest.

Here’s to finding a balance,

Megan “Not Rested Yet” Giles

Get The Shirt: If you can read this Shh! I'm resting.

Most posts have a shirt design to commemorate the trip. Join the journey and wear your feelings, too. 😉


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