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28. Irmo (Columbia), South Carolina

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

28. Irmo (Columbia), South Carolina

Dates: May 10-15, 2022

Talk about being spoiled. This week I’m with my StoryBrand friend Lynn Tickner. Remember her from Pensacola?

She has a naming and marketing business. If you need a name for your business, click here.

Brilliant. Motherly. Kind. Welcoming. Faithful. And I could go on with wonderful things to say about her.


I love this week’s routine. I get morning hugs. It’s what she did when her kids were growing up. It’s how my mom still greets me when I’m back home. Morning hugs are the best way to start any day!

Coffee is already made when I wake up. We have Bible time. We work. We eat when we’re hungry. Or need a break from work. Evenings are spent on her screened in patio. Sometimes we worked in the evening. Sometimes we just visited about life over a glass of wine.

Being under the same roof as someone who operates in a similar way is comforting. I don't feel guilty for working. And I have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Lynn follows Trim Healthy Mama so she tried lots of recipes on me.

Note to self: If I ever have a house again, I need this blender. It makes hot soup from veggies and broth!

We know so many of the same people, we'd pop in on each other's Zoom calls.

The Church

The Basilica of Saint Peter, Columbia, SC: This is a beautiful building in downtown Columbia with a giant steeple and detailed woodwork throughout. See pictures here.

Journal reflection from mass: Love one another. Give. Pardon. If we really knew how to love, we wouldn't need anything else.

Lessons from Lynn

God loves me more than I know. God loves my enemies more than I know. Even the people who don't want to believe in Him. He loves them, too.

God loves [INSERT NAME]. This changed my perspective on the people I don't agree with.

Would I visit again?

It’s a home base on the east coast for sure. I’m comfortable here. She gets my weird schedule because she does it, too! We work odd hours. Not to mention she feeds me constantly!

Would I live here?

I’m wondering how long I can stay before she starts charging me rent. (ha!)

Enthusiasm level: 9

I’m resting up for the next round and feel encouraged being with someone who understands me.

Here’s to feeling at home,

Megan “Morning Hugs” Giles


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Y'all are two of my favorite people! Can we get Lynn to just set up a work commune at her house??? 😁


dana williams
dana williams
Aug 27, 2022

Love this post as I adore you both.

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