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3 Mobile, Alabama

Updated: May 30, 2022

Dates: January 23-24, 2022

It was late on Sunday when I pulled into Mobile. After checking into my hotel, I dropped in a downtown pub for a bite to eat and a drink where I could relax and look back over my trip so far. The whole 24 hours of it.

The Food

Squid Ink Eclectic Eats and Drinks. Say that three times fast.

With a restaurant name like Squid Ink Eclectic, you can rest assured their menu stood up to their name because even their salads had all kinds of unique stuff in it.

I ventured away from my typical IPA (aka India Pale Ale aka Hipster Beer) when ordering and asked for the “Damn the Torpedoes” rum drink…with….wait for it…. real squid ink in it. Sounds odd but it actually tasted delicious! It felt light even though it was dark in color. It tasted semi-fruity without being too sweet.

I paired the experience with a salad called the “Power Salad.” Which included:

  • Lentils

  • Quinoa

  • Kale

  • Charred Cauliflower

  • Sweet Potato

  • Cucumber

  • Avocado

  • Craisins…and

  • Crispy Chickpeas

Top all of that with a sweet soy vinaigrette and I’m feeling younger and healthier having just typed that out. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Megan’s gone all vegan crunchy on me” as you silently roll your eyes. Nope, I added some grilled shrimp for my protein. It’s not a meal without meat. And today shrimp counts as meat.

And then there’s this guy

While waiting on my food, I did a little journaling at the bar. Bellied up to the bar feels less lonely when you’re a lone traveler. This is where I met Leeland.

Leeland noticed my journal and asked if I was on a trip.

He’s on some kind of walkabout of his own and heading in the exact opposite direction as me. He’d spent the past few weeks in Florida and was on his way home to North Dakota. He offered up some great tips on all the places in Florida I should see.

To say Leeland was an interesting guy is an understatement. I learned all about his retirement at age 43, his trading business, which had something to do with cow kidney stones and cow stomachs. I couldn’t quite understand all the logistics. Leeland is one entertaining dude though. He’s traveled all over the world trading cow parts. Who even knew this was an industry?

We bonded over the fact that we don’t want to live like everybody else. He shared that he’s been traveling for about a year now and is ready for a vacation from his vacation. Hence his heading back home to North Dakota.

This got me thinking. “I wonder how long it will take me before I’m ready to be somewhere for a long time again?”

(I’m editing this blog on day 26 and have yet to desire a stationary life. Finally posting this blog on day 41 and I'm still going strong.)

Oh good morning then…

I stayed at the Fort Conde Inn that night. A boutique hotel that dons beautiful wedding event photos. Normal rates are above my paygrade, but a Sunday night was lower than the Holiday Inn, and with all 10-star reviews, why not give this place a try?

I had no need for an alarm clock that Monday morning as my laptop mysteriously took a dive out of the chair it was placed in and crashed rather loudly on the wood floors to wake me.

Hold up… How did that just move on its own?

I hear a train passing by down the street but can’t feel it in my room. Hmm…

I got ready quickly while praying the rosary, which is a normal habit of mine, but that day I prayed extra loud!

Here’s how my conversation with the front desk at checkout went:

Me: “I’m scared to ask but I have to know. I was woken up rather surprisingly this morning when my book bag fell off the chair onto the floor.”

Front Desk Lady: “hahahahaha.” She laughs.

Me: “Ummm…” still confused.

Front Desk Lady: “Well, we do have some ghosts around, but none in the Carriage House where you were. There’s a general and a little slave girl in the house across the street but they won’t harm you.”

Me: “Uhhhh. Ok. Um. Well...could it have anything to do with the train tracks being just a few blocks away?”

Front Desk Lady: “Yeah, yeah, that's probably it. We’ve had Ghost Hunters (the TV show) here and they didn’t detect anything in the Carriage House where you were.”

Not Camping Rule: hotels described with the words “historic charm” are off limits.

Note to self: check reviews for ghosts.

What a great way to start a Monday.

Would I visit again?

Yes! Mobile is the birthplace of the original Mardi Gras parade. There’s gotta be some stories worth hearing, so I’ll be back.

Would I live here?

Probably not from what I’ve seen so far. The food is good. The people are nice enough. But it’s still just another city.

Spooky thoughts faded away as I got the workday going from Soul Caffeine, a coffee shop in Daphne, AL while waiting to check into Airbnb. Coffee was sponsored by my amazing Bible Study friend, Brandee. We met last fall in a church led women’s bible study. Quickly becoming friends over coffee after mass.

Enthusiasm level: 8

Although I’m tired of driving, my enthusiasm for what’s ahead continues.

Here’s to a not-so-scary week,

Megan “Not A Ghost Hunter” Giles

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Meet My Biz Friend

Brandee Beal: she has an amazing weight loss story and now helps other people get back to living their best life. If weight management is a struggle for you, she’s your girl! Shoot her a text at 303.601.5310.

Edited by: Ali Garbero, Write Brand Marketing


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Love the updates! Keep us posted! Safe travels and blessings, my friend! 😊


Julie Stroud
Julie Stroud
Mar 04, 2022

This is fun, keep the stories coming!

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