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5 Perdido Beach, Florida

Updated: May 30, 2022

Dates: January 31-February 6, 2022

Two Evangelical Preachers and a Catholic walk into a bar… Not the beginning of a joke. That’s my life this week.

Meet my roommates for the week Jordan and Andy! We all met for the first time in Nashville last fall (September 2021) for the StoryBrand Summit and bonded over marketing talk and travel. Both men had careers in ministry before transitioning to their marketing businesses. Our friendship bonds were strengthened even more as our discussions turned to topics centered on faith.

I prefer patios with music and a pub-like atmosphere. Jordan prefers coffee shops. Guess who won while we were waiting to check into our condo?

I lucked out that Andy likes to cook! He’s a rockstar with baked bacon.

Jordan likes to be in the driver’s seat so that worked out well for me too. After driving so many miles by myself, I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Since we all have our own marketing businesses, work time is important. We moved the kitchen table to the living room and enjoyed an ocean front view while we worked.

Have I told you yet how tight the StoryBrand community is? We had a virtual workday with our friend Sarah Hackman. She hung out with us via Zoom from her house in Missouri.

Despite still being cold, I watched the sunrise and sunset on the beach as often as I could this week!

The Churches

Confession time. I am way overextended.

I woke up Friday morning with heavy eyes and the inability to stay asleep. My mind likes to plague me with running 100 miles an hour chasing all kinds of amazing ideas. It’s great that I get excited about everything I want to do. The downside is, because I want to help everyone who calls, sends me a text, or emails me with a project request, and I know that I physically can’t, I begin to hit a wall.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting things right now but it’s exhausting when I feel like I’m letting people down. There’s only so much I can do in one day.

Which is why this morning I went to my favorite place of refuge. Church.

If you’ve been following my journey, you’re aware I’m Catholic. I love all churches and one thing I love about being Catholic is the uniformity among all of the services. Wherever you are in the world the Bible readings are the same, the order of mass is the same. No matter what Catholic church I’m in, it’s familiar.

This morning I found a church that had confession, mass and adoration back to back which is the trifecta for renewal.

I was the first in the confession line and the priest offered me some guidance on the fact that I’m not spending my time wisely. Ok now tell me something I don’t already know. I’m aware my time management skills are a hot mess. It’s what leads to the overwhelm I mentioned above.

The priest continued as he helped me recognize how loading myself up with “all the things” is affecting me physically. By taking on more than I can manage, I’m putting my body through more than it can take, causing physical overwhelm which is unsustainable. It’s also not a fun way to live life. The priest offered me some great advice. He told me to trust God to help me carry the load. He also advised me to create a plan for ways to re energize myself by including some rest time into my day. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I left in tears simultaneously feeling relief. I feel a renewed sense of gratitude that God is giving me everything I need. Instead of believing that I need to control everything by taking on every project that comes my way, I can trust God. By doing so, I can have faith that God is aware of my needs, my limitations, and can give me the strength when and where I need it. Doing so will help me set realistic goals for myself and reasonable timelines for the wonderful people who want to work with me on fun projects.

I acknowledge that choosing to trust the Lord is how I’ve arrived to where I am now and His hands are all over my life, but now I need him to save me from myself.

The big realization I took away from my time with God this morning is that he’s given me stability. I have big projects and contracts going in my business right now that will take me much of the rest of the year to work through.

Whew. I’m going to be just fine.

With God at my side, I will have my needs met and so much more. I can allow myself some time to heal and relax. Doing so will give me the physical and mental rest I’ve been desperately lacking.

That Sunday was a big shift in mindset. This isn’t just a new travel lifestyle, this is something bigger.

The hymns above were from mass and both brought me to tears. A) they’re traditional songs that remind me of home and B) it was right on point with how I’m feeling this week.

The Point Church, Pensacola, FL

Andy and Jordan found a Baptist church they wanted to attend Sunday morning and I joined in. They had welcoming committees to greet newcomers and sent us home with The Point Church swag.

Meet My Biz Friends

Sarah Hackman -

Jordan Ryskamp -


Would I visit again?

If someone else booked it, yes.

Would I live here?

No. Too many high rise condos and not enough trees. Or things to do. One can only lay on the beach for so long.

Enthusiasm level: 8

Here’s to finding my way,

Megan “Not There Yet” Giles

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Edited by: Ali Garbero, Write Brand Marketing


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